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CD Bach / Schumann / Liszt

CD Review: Great naturalness
"The young Bonn pianist Jamina Gerl hits the romantic note with Schumann perfectly and shows herself highly virtuosic with Liszt.
Her piano technique is excellent, and her dynamic shading is particularly surprising. Great naturalness characterizes her piano playing. In doing so, she takes the listener into a world of wonders and harmonic surprises."
21.09.2020 Klassik.com, Manuel Stangorra


CD Review
"Gerl works his way through Liszt's "Dante Sonata" with such fire that you sit spellbound on the edge of your chair and almost plop down.
This is also due to the keyboard thunder of this massive work, but even more so to the ivory moments of rapture: it is this floating gentleness that is most compelling here. Elsewhere, too, the German demonstrates her subtle agility and a knack for tonal color:
Bach's Organ Prelude plus Fugue (BWV 543, arranged by Liszt) flows beautifully and with crystal clarity; Schumann's F-sharp minor Sonata conveys its many mood changes shrewdly, without turning into a pianistic performance show: music full of life, finely drawn."
04.08.2020 Wiener Zeitung, Christoph Irrgeher


WDR 3 TonArt - Interview: Pianist Jamina Gerl in conversation
Jamina Gerl has just released two new CDs, one of them with world premieres by the composer Ferdinand Pfohl.
On WDR 3 Tonart the pianist from Bonn tells us what is so appealing about his music.
08.01.2020 WDR 3 TonArt Interview with Nele Freudenberger


CD Review
Interpretation: 4/6, Sound: 5/6, Repertoire value: 4/6
„…the way she holds the Dante Sonata together is quite outstanding. But she particularly succeeds with the F sharp minor Sonata by Schumann. Here she seems to be able to put herself in the place of the creator and his emotions. And so she succeeds in a performance that is as intoxicating as it is lyrical-dramatic, which is convincing overall. If Gerl still appropriates subtleties in the tonal, she can become a great one.“
January 2020 PianoNews, Carsten Dürer


'Klassik Heute' recommendation and CD of the week!
Artistic quality: 10/10, sound quality: 10/10, overall impression: 10/10
"Florestan and Eusebius would have their true joy in this."
11.10.2019 Klassik-heute Germany, Guido Krawinkel


CD Review
„Gerl succeeds brilliantly in binding the sometimes somewhat disparate parts of the work into a meaningful unity.
Here, too, this is not forced by fast time measures, but is achieved with differentiated articulation and relation of
the sections to each other, and thus a reproduction of the music of the highest persuasive power is created.“
December 2019 Köln-Bonner Musikkalender, Gunter Duvenbeck


CD Review
December 2019 Musicalifeiten, Jan de Kruijff


Jamina is a Gerl of the Future
“What colors she brings out of the piano! And how apropos her playing is! I was delighted by every note and phrase;
she clearly has this music under her skin, and knows what to do with it.”
Fall 2019, The Art Music Lounge, Lynn René Bayley


In full tone colours - Jamina Gerl on the piano
Fall 2019, Kulturexpress Frankfurt


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