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„This young lady can do anything at the keyboard, and has style and panache. […] I’ve rarely come across a young artist who excels in such different compositional schools and genres.“ (Dave Saemann)

„This is, in fact, a well-balanced, highly satisfying piano recital performed by a very talented artist who has something of her own to say in each of these works. […] What does place Gerl in league with other great keyboard artists is her seemingly innate ability to differentiate each of the pieces on her program according to its historical context and style.“ (Jerry Dubins)

„Her technique is noticeably clear and smooth, ingrained with mature musicality. In every piece the warmth of her playing comes through, without a trace of clatter or display for its own sake. […] This wound up being the most imaginatively constructed piano recital to come my way in a year and one of the most enjoyable. It’s typical for a rising soloist like Gerl to present as many facets of her abilities as she can, but besides accomplishing that goal, she gives us a way to reflect upon one of the most dominant and enduring themes of Romanticism.“ (Huntley Dent)

„Production values on Jamina Gerl’s new disc are simply stunning. The photography is amazingly atmospheric: shots of the pianist immersed in Nature. […] The disc takes the Romantic idea of the Wanderer as a starting point, from the lighter works of Mendelssohn (and his Scottish voyagings) to Liszt to the fabled island of joy as imagined so unforgettably by Debussy. As a program, it is little short of magnificent; and Gerl does not disappoint musically, either. A most fascinating disc; the recording quality itself is top drawer, with fine presence.“ (Colin Clarke)
March 2017 Fanfare Magazine USA


“Yet another young German pianist launches her recorded career and does so in style […] there is no problem in getting the keyboard to speak any way she wishes, and she balances virtuosity with expressivity and nuance. ”
März 2017 American Record Guide, Alan Becker


CD-Besprechung und EmpfehlungCD-Tipp mit Stern - Empfehlung des Monats!
ORF - Ö1 "CD of the day

Once again, a debut CD of a young pianist is in the center, a CD, which is not simply a series of virtuoso pieces juxtaposed, but in which the interpreter has thought a lot.
07.03.2017 ORF Radio broadcast "Ö1 bis zwei"


Top score and recommendation of the month!
Music: 5/5, sound: 5/5
„The promise already made by the beautiful thematic concept is indeed kept on the piano by Jamina Gerl: the pianist from Bonn has a truly brilliant technique, possesses an enormous musical instinct and both sensitive and keen powers of expression.“
„No matter which of the eleven works you listen to, you always experience stylistically mature piano playing.“
„With her first CD, which hopefully will be followed soon by more recordings, the pianist has made a top-class debut.
February 2017 Fono Forum, Frank Siebert


CD Review and Recommendation
„Everything is well rounded, technical, imaginative, inventive, in a charming color spectrum, the phrases elaborated to the last detail, the dynamic discourse in its many shades, the extremely nuanced touch that reveals two masterly hands. The fortissimi do not attack the noble sound of the grand piano, the pianissimi retain their core.“
February 2017 OpusKlassiek The Netherlands, Aart van der Walé


CD Review: Powers of persuasion
Interpretation: 4/5, sound quality: 4/5, repertoire value: 4/5, booklet: 3/5
„With her debut album, the young Bonn pianist Jamina Gerl has presented a highly expressive calling card. [...] Excelling with abundant dynamic traction and poetic power, she proves that Mendelssohn is still underestimated as a piano composer. Applying great musical sensitivity, she explores ways to sanctuaries of imagination and created dream worlds, which she deliberately wants to be understood as thematic elements of the overarching motto.”
17.02.2017 Klassik.com, Thomas Gehrig


CD Review
Interpretation: 5/6, sound: 6/6, repertoire value: 4/6
„Gerl already scores in particular with her natural feeling for the composer’s subtle tonal ideas in Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s Fantasy Op. 28. All her playing is extremely transparent, while at the same time spiced with great emotional expressiveness, thus creating a consistently personal dimension. [...] A debut CD that presents the playing of a truly interesting artist.“
January 2017 PianoNews, Carsten Dürer


'Klassik Heute' Recommendation and CD of the week!
Artistic quality: 10/10, sound quality: 9/10, overall impression: 10/10
„The pianist does not leave anything to be desired in conveying Liszt’s pianistic sense of being outcast, searching for a home and lovelorn; her performance delivers sufficient tonal shades to give the wandering, in truth mostly contemplating, traveler a countenance.“
„Jamina Gerl successfully renders the Wanderer Fantasy; drawing a thoughtful picture, confident in the technically challenging sections and with no signs of fatigue in the tricky closing “Fugue.” In the long shadow cast by the outstanding Richter recording, I believe it to be one of the most compelling renditions of the piece ever.“
26.11.2016 Klassik-heute Germany, Peter Cossé


CD-Review and Tip: Deeply felt wanderings
„The young German pianist Jamina Gerl impresses us with a CD that places a number of smaller pieces (Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Chabrier, Debussy) between Mendelssohn’s Scottish Sonata and Schubert’s Wanderer, combining it into a coherent program in which she can display her full range of skill, from her nimble virtuosity to her both deeply-felt and reflective rendition.But the greatest surprise of all is the abundance of tones and nuances she delivers, allowing her to give each piece its own hue and highly specific character, making Mendelssohn sound like Mendelssohn and Debussy like Debussy – and that applies to all composers.
20.11.2016 Pizzicato Luxembourg, Remy Franck


WDR 3 TonArt - Interview: Pianist Jamina Gerl on wandering
We often find a colorful mixture of brilliant favorite pieces on classic debut CDs. Not so with pianist Jamina Gerl. She chose the theme "Wanderer" for her debut and talks to Oliver Cech about wandering, isolation and Romanticism.
08.11.2016 WDR 3 TonArt Interview with Oliver Cech


CD Review and Recommendation: Wanderers’ music
„Jamina Gerl, pianist from Bonn, shows musical excellence in works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt and Dmitri Shostakovich.“
„Franz Liszt’s piano version of Schubert’s song, by the way, is the second-to-last track of the wonderful concept album. It is followed by Schubert’s Wanderer Fantasy, an impressive final that picks up the motive of the song. Here, Jamina Gerl proves herself to be a top-class virtuoso, whose powerful yet finely articulated playing makes one forget the technical difficulties of the piece. [...] She plays with great clarity and brilliance, and has finely developed sense of phrasing melodic lines quite vocally.“
23.10.2016 General-Anzeiger, Bernhard Hartmann


hr2 kultur CD-Tip
23.10.2016 hr2 kultur Radio broadcast with live moderation

Wanderer – Music-CD by tyx-art
Oktober 2016, Kulturexpress Frankfurt



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